Wildcat Ridge Hawkwatch photo: Richard Keller

Charity Events


Hawks play an important role in local ecosystems. They help to control the populations of small mammals and provide habitat for some small bird species. Together with our partners and sponsors, we have been running a charity event aimed at protecting hawks and sharing information about the importance of these predators to the local ecosystem. As part of the action, we also carried out activities aimed at preventing wild birds' plastic pollution. Thanks to our partners, we were able to raise $25,000 as part of the campaign, which will be donated to the hawks' migration monitoring organization and Urban Birds Foundation, which rescues wild birds affected in the urban environment.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their financial support.

The American Tower Company

Here is a leading independent owner, operator, and developer of wireless and broadcast communications real estate. The American Tower Company's mission is to make wireless communication possible everywhere and lead it around the globe. Now they provide their services in 25 countries on 6 continents.

Credit Union of New Jersey

This not-for-profit organization was created to offer its members financial services with lower fees and become the best in helping people with their finances. Its mission is to provide members with the knowledge and ability to be in control of their financial lives at a competitive cost.

USDA Forest Service

This Agency of the U.S. The Department of Agriculture manages 193 million acres of the nation's forests and grasslands. Their activities have a significant environmental impact and maintain the productivity, species diversity, and health of national forests.

New Jersey American Water

New Jersey American Water provides quality water and wastewater services throughout New Jersey and supports different environmental programs to help the ecology together. It is the largest water utility in the state that provides safe, clean, affordable, and reliable services.

Westfield Animal Hospital

Westfield Animal Hospital is an avian and exotic vet that is always ready to treat birds, reptiles, and small mammals as they need a different approach than domestic pets. The hospital specialists know exactly how to help the owners of exotic animals and birds, as well as volunteers.

1FCA New Jersey

1FCA is a matching service that works with multiple lenders and offers fast cash loans for people with any credit and income range. They stand for equal financial opportunities and help solve financial difficulties for those who need it the most.

Lakeland Bank

Lakeland Bank has an extensive network branch throughout New Jersey and continues to build infrastructure and financial strength. As a result, The Bank provides customers with quality services and reliable financial products for businesses and individuals.